At Blenheim Palace, Oxford, England

Spring 2018

Eckard Münck Retirement Celebration

Sept.23, 2017, Pittsburgh, PA

From left to right: Picture 1-Eckard and Hilde Münck; Picture 2-John Lipscomb, Mark and Becky Emptage,
TomKent, Larry Que, Eckard Münck, Susan Lipscomb, Hilde Münck; Picture 3-Mark and Becky Emptage,
Hilde Münck, Brian Fox, John and Susan Lipscomb, Jean-Jacques Girerd, Marlene Martinho

Korea Night at the 2017 ICBIC in Brazil

2nd International Conference on Hydrogen Atom Transfer Meeting

July 2017, Frascati, Italy

With Sason Shaik, his wife Sarah, and Jim Mayer at iCHAT 2017 in Frascati, Italy

Villa Mondragonne

European Cooperation in Science and Technology(ECOSTBIO) Meeting

2016, Prague, Czech Republic
Que Group Alums With Ed Solomon

Pacifichem 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii
Yuma Morimoto's Pacifichem poster With Ken Karlin, Ed Solomon, Kyoshi Fujisawa,
and partners

ICBIC17, Beijing, China, July 2015

MPIG Reunion in the shadow of the Olympic Bird's Nest Stadium

From left to right: Jingyan Zhang, Shiping Yan, Larry Que, Aimin Liu, Bill Tolman,
Stéphane Ménage, Ang Zhou, John Lipscomb, Alex Guo, and Huafen Hsu Konopka.

Singapore, July 2014

Debbie Crans, Angela Casini, and Larry Que

Que Group alumni at ICCC41: Kallol Ray, Tapan Paine, Larry Que, Jason England, and Soohyun Kim

Miquel Costas, Erin Que, and Larry Que

ICBIC16 was held July 2013 in the beautiful city of Grenoble in the south of France.
Welcome to Grenoble Group Reunion
Our Hosts
Cafe de la Table Ronde
IACS Ribbe Krebs & Que

Dinner with former group members
at the April 2013 ACS meeting in New Orleans

From left to right: Adam Fiedler, MSU student Kate Henderson, Larry Que, Joe Emerson, Tim Jackson, and current group member Jennifer Bigelow.



St. Petersberg, Russia

with Miquel Costas, Evgenii Talsi, and his group
at the Church of the Resurrection
during the IX Conference on Mechanisms of Catalytic Reactions
October 2012

MPIG Reunion at ICBIC15 in Vancouver, Canada, August 2011


MPIG Reunion at ICBIC14 in Nagoya, July 2009
At Nanjing University
October 2007
On the Sacred Path to the Ming Tombs Nanjing, October 2007


ICBIC 13, Vienna, July 2007

ICBIC13 Organizer
Bernhard Keppler and Band

With Que Group Alumni Gerard Roelfes,
Stephane Menage, and Miquel Costas

With the Wieghardt Group

With Academic G'pa Bill Horrocks

Kallol Ray and Mentors
With Austrian Students


ACS Meeting, San Francisco, 2006


Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto 2006
With Ed Solomon and Kiyoshi Fujisawa


Dinner in Tsukuba with Mitch Kobayashi
and Kiyoshi Fujisawa 2006
With Prof. Osamu Hayaishi to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of oxygenases
In Heidelberg 2005

At Robert Bunsen's statue Heidelberg 2005

With Rabi Mukherjee and Friends
in Goa, India 2004


With Miquel Costas at Parc Guell
in Barcelona 2003


Que Group Alumni at ICBIC11 in Cairns, Australia 2003

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