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Lawrence Que, Jr.

343 Smith Hall

Dr. Lawrence Que, Jr. photo
Larry Que in front of the University of Minnesota's periodic table of elements display case in Kolthoff Hall (see Iron Man, 2009) Photo: Patrick O’Leary

Research Overview

Interactions between iron and dioxygen are ubiquitous in Nature. The Que lab focuses primarly on the unique challenges associated with dioxygen activation by nonheme iron in biological systems. The research effort in the Que lab combines biological methods and inorganic synthesis with a range of spectroscopic and kinetic techniques to investigate how iron can activate dioxygen to carry out metabolically important and chemically interesting reactions. The group is divided into three subgroups: high-valent iron-oxo, bioinspired catalysis, and nonheme iron oxygenases.

High-Valent Iron Oxo
- Bioinspired Catalysis - Nonheme Iron Oxygenases


Que Group

Summer 2013: Row 1: Mayank Puri, Greg Rohde, Shyam Iyer, Jai Prakash, Scott Kleespies Row 2: Lisa Engstrom, Hyojae Oh, Subhasree Kal, Larry Que, Anna Komor, Min Young Hyun, Jennifer Bigelow Row 3: Jale Öcal, Ang Zhou, Alireza Shokri, Andy Jasniewski, Will Oloo, Achintesh Biswas, Julio Lloret Fillol


Current Group Members

  • Bigelow, Jennifer

  • Biswas, Achintesh

  • Engstrom, Lisa

  • Min Young Hyun

  • Jasniewski, Andrew

  • Kleespies, Scott

  • Komor, Anna

  • Öcal, Jale

  • Oloo, Williamson

  • Puri, Mayank

  • Prakash, Jai

  • Rohde, Greg

  • Shokri, Alireza

  • Zhou, Ang

Mailing Address:
343 Smith Hall
207 Pleasant St. SE
Minneapolis MN 55455